In October our association “Enzonas, Associação de Caminheiros de Bragança” participated in the project "Strong arms" a training course financed by Erasmus+ that brought together 20 youth workers from 10 European countries.

During the days in Diano Marina, our youth workers improved the sense of solidarity and tolerance towards marginalized young people in Europe, promoting intercultural dialogue focused on sport as tool to integrate people.

The development of specific skills using games and sport as key driver to be utilized with marginalized young people, jointly with the benefits of sport in the integration process showed during the mobility and the weeks after to our NGO represented a big step ahead in the dailylife activities of our association and the youth workers working in it.

Furthermore, through the whole duration of Strong Arms project, thanks to the international environment in which we moved, our NGO improved the ability to interact with other youth workers, providing a new international and solid network to share best practices, new ideas and develop new partnerships potentially sharing conceptual ideas for future joint projects.